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Well wilderness kids offers a variety of INCLUSIVE NaturePlay Programs FOR ALL AGES & ABILITIES.

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Who we are

Well Wilderness Kids is led by a team of pediatric professionals specialized in child development from a whole child perspective.  Our team is composed of Early Childhood Educators, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Music Therapists, Mindfulness Facilitators and Social Workers.  Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment deeply rooted in social-emotional development for children of all ages and abilities to grow and thrive through NaturePlay.

Our Programs

Well Wilderness Kids Therapeutic Nature Center provides a wide variety of NaturePlay programs in an inclusive environment for children of all ages & abilities to nurture development from a healthy foundation of social-emotional intelligence & mindfulness.  Our programs range from Seasonal Programs to an all-year round Early Childhood Program with Camps & Family Workshops woven in between. 

Not sure what to bring to class? Check out our FAQs

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