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What Is NaturePlay?

Well Wilderness Kids programs & therapies are focused on the concept of NaturePlay. NaturePlay consists of unstructured play activities in outdoor settings where natural elements are involved, such as logs, rocks and water, as opposed to conventional manufactured play equipment. Some of the biggest benefits to NaturePlay are:

  • Children not only play IN nature, but WITH nature to foster exploration through the senses

  • It is an accessible & inclusive type of play with locations ranging from local parks to your own backyard

  • It has a myriad of research to support its benefits for the healthy development of children

  • The entire family is able to participate & receive the benefits

How does it benefit my child?

Here are a few of the ways that NaturePlay can benefit any child:

  • It stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills integral to executive function development

  • It increases concentration & cognitive skills

  • It can help build confidence & resilience through healthy risk assessment

  • It increases core strength, body awareness, & coordination

  • It boosts mood and decreases stress & anxiety

  • It strengthens immunity against illness 

  • It fosters the development of mindfulness skills by accessing all of the senses


Have questions about the day-to-day, weather, payment options, etc?

We might have answers for you in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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