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Where do you meet?

Our OLATHE LOCATION address is:

18905 W 175th Street, Olathe, KS 66062


Our EUDORA LOCATION address is:

Off 2100 Road on the South side of K-10 Highway

What is your Learning Ally: Child ratio?

Small Therapeutic Playgroups ~ 2 Learning Allies: 6-8 Children

Semi-Private Therapy Sessions ~ 1 Learning Ally: 3 Children

Private Therapy Sessions ~ 1 Therapist: 1 Child

Where do I pick up & drop off my child?


Upon arrival pull down the drive to the LEFT of the house straight back past the pond to the Discovery Barn parking lot.  

We will greet you at your vehicle upon drop-off & bring your child to your vehicle upon pick-up.



Enter the SOUTH entrance & park facing the WEST.  We will meet you at the gate at the top of the hill for drop-off & pick-up.


Exit the NORTH exit.

Are snacks offered?

A healthy snack (fruits or vegetables) is offered as part of each of our 2.5 hour NaturePlay programs.  We focus on developing a healthy relationship with food with focus on Mindful Eating strategies that involve exploration of food through all of the senses. 

How is the well-being of my child safeguarded?

We offer our programs in small, therapeutic ratios who are led by highly trained pediatric professionals who are CPR & First Aid certified.

What do you do when it rains or snow? What happens in severe weather?

 We NaturePlay all season long! It is imperative that your child is dressed appropriately, preferably in layers.


We have several indoor facilities that are cooled/heated for inclement weather that is deemed unsafe for long periods of exposure.  We have a secure shelter area in case of tornados.

What are the ages of the children who attend Well Wilderness?

We offer inclusive Seasonal NaturePlay programs for children from

Toddler – Early Elementary age.  Teens are welcome to apply to volunteer within our programs. 

What is your Philosophy?

Well Wilderness Kids is a therapeutic NaturePlay program that is focused on the whole child encompassing all developmental domains through NaturePlay.  Our Nature Team is composed of highly qualified pediatric therapists, educators & other professionals.  Our programs often serve as an enrichment to a child’s growth & development.

What type of activities will my child be participating in while at Well Wilderness?

Our NaturePlay programs & therapies include activities such as animal connection, sensory play in the gardens, gross motor play on swings/balance beams/tree climbing, & exploring through the forest all within a nature-based, social setting.

Is potty training required? Where do children use the bathroom?

Independent toileting is not required to attend our programs.

An indoor bathroom is available at the front of the property.  

A Port-a-Potty is available behind the barn.


We view toileting as a functional activity to work on developmental self care & body awareness skills in a therapeutic manner.

What does my child need to bring each day?

All children are required to bring a small, durable backpack each day that includes the following items, all labeled with your child’s name:

  • Covered water bottle. Water bottle should be one that is easily transportable for your child and easy for them to operate and use on their own.  We do have water stations for refills.

  • Seasonally appropriate extra changes of clothes, including socks & underwear (if your child is toilet trained)

  • A package of diapers, wipes, & diaper cream (if your child wears diapers).

  • Sunscreen and bug spray during the Spring, Summer & early Fall. PLEASE APPLY SUNSCREEN &/OR BUG SPRAY PRIOR TO DROP OFF. If you would like for us to reapply either of these, please send the bottle with your child's name on it in a sealed bag.

  • A snug fitting hat, appropriate to the season.

  • Gloves and stocking hat during Winter months.

How should I dress my child for the different seasons?

Our Well Wilderness mindset is "There is no such things as bad weather, just bad gear!"


Be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. Rainy days will bring mud so prepare for dirty clothing & shoes/boots on those days.  Colder days will require layers so that your child stays at a comfortable temperature.  We do plan to get dirty throughout the day which is a great way to support your child's sensory system & immune system! 

What if my child has allergies or a medical condition?

We want to be informed of any food or environmental allergies prior to your child participating in our programs.


Our Nature Team is composed of pediatric professionals who are knowledgeable about various medical conditions in addition to being CPR & First Aid certified.

What types of payment do you accept?

Registration is available via our website in which all major credit cards are accepted.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for siblings after full registration of 1st child.

Frequently Asked Questions

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