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Spring Break
mudmasters camp
ALl ages
wed, March 13th- thurs, march 14th
(all Weather)

Join us for a fun and interactive Mudmastering Mindful Movement experience in nature! This evidence-based program offers children an opportunity to build healthy social relationships, while enhancing the development of early communication, motor, emotional, and social skills. 

This 2-day camp will allow children a unique opportunity to explore the natural world through Mindful Movement & Social Connections! You may find us sharing stories in the tipi, mindfully climbing trees, making mudpies or performing yoga with the animals! 

This playgroup is led by 3 pediatric professionals: Pediatric Speech & Language Pathologist, Kati Dreiman also specialized in Yoga & Mindfulness for children. And Pediatric Physical Therapist, Stephanie Novacek specialized in Reflex Integration through Rhythmic Movement and Yoga & Mindfulness for children. And Early Childhood/Elementary Educator, Kate Robson also specialized in Yoga & Mindfulness for children.

This camp is open to children of all ages & abilities. Ms Kati & Ms Stephanie will serve as lead Learning Allies for kids 2-7 years of age. Ms Kate will serve as lead Learning Ally for kids 8-12 years. Teens are welcome to participate &/or volunteer.

Half Day Registration ~ $80 for 2 days, $50 for 1 day
Full Day Registration ~ $85 for 1 day, $150 for 2 days

A healthy snack is provided in the morning & afternoon.